Sonar Sphere


A tracking device to find fishing nets

Each year over eight million tonnes of plastic makes its way into the oceans, forty-six per cent of which is fishing gear. Fishing nets are key among this waste tally as they entangle, trap and suffocate marine life. Sonar Sphere is a lightweight, compact addition to the commercial fisherman’s net that makes it impossible for it to be lost. Its bright-orange colour gives it high visibility while its perfectly spherical shape, thick walls and hollow body make it extremely reflective to sonar waves, allowing fishermen to track the net by using commercial sonar devices. The product is made of repurposed nylon from recycled fishing nets, and is itself fully recyclable.

Oliver Greenwood

  • Oliver Greenwood
    The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)

    As an Industrial Design Engineering bachelor degree graduate I have been able to explore all aspects of the design process. Sustainability and exclusivity have always been key components to the projects that I have carried out throughout my studies. Visibility has been a recurrent theme across multiple projects. As part of a group project we have developed a system that was designed to help visually impaired individuals cross roads safely through haptic feedback in traffic lights. It was presented at the Dutch Design week in 2018 and at the University of Liverpool. My latest project applies visibility in a completely different context:; protecting our oceans. This sustainability centered solution has allowed me to gather extensive research into fields that were new to me. I was able to connect with professors and experts who had studied this area for years. Being able to combine this research into a working prototype was challenging yet incredibly fulfilling. This has opened my eyes to the aspects of design that suit me and helped me understand which parts I want to carry through to my future endeavors.more

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