Membrane for separating hydrocarbons from water

Pollution of the aquatic environment from toxic hydrocarbons is threatening human health and coastal species

Spartech is a multifunctional textile membrane for water-oil separation. The patented fabric is constructed to be water-repellent and self-cleaning as well as being biodegradable. By removing toxins from the marine environment, this innovation will mitigate the immense damage caused by industrial processes and waste.


  • Oumaima Bili

    Oumaima Bili

    Université Hassan II de Casablanca

    PhD student in chemistry and materials engineering, motivated and perseverant. Her thesis focuses on the development of nanofibers to functionalize different matrices for various applications such as Antibacterial, hydrophobic, fireproof, insulating ... She has participated in several innovative projects conducted by Hassan 2 University of Casablanca in different fields, especially in circular economy and environmental protection. She is the representative of the SPARTECH project that aims to develop a biodegradable textile separation membrane made from cotton while using an ecological process and green products for industrial applications, namely oil-water separation. more

  • Aziz Bentis

    Aziz Bentis

    Université Hassan II de Casablanca

    I am Aziz Bentis, I received my PhD in materials chemistry in 2019 from Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco. My scientific training is captivating and multidisciplinary, with strong expertise in surface modification of textile materials for technical applications (flame retardant, water repellent, antibacterial, conductive, magnetic, etc.) and their characterization with sophisticated spectroscopic instruments. Since 2016, I have developed skills and knowledge in the synthesis of ionic liquids, nanoparticles, azo dyes, development of reference materials, dyeing, sol-gel synthesis, chemical grafting, polymer coating, hybrid materials, etc. Currently, I am a laboratory technical manager, I coordinate the activities around a mass spectrometry platform, and I ensure the development of new analytical methods, related to the problems of characterization and analysis of molecules for food, agronomy, and the environment. I have 6 articles, 1 chapter book, and 1 patent. In 2018, I won the 1st prize at the national level in the 12th edition of the Innovation, Research and Development and Technology Competition- (R&D-Morocco). - In 2017, I was ranked second in the Top 10 of the International International Théophile Legrand Prize for Textile Innovation, France-Paris. - In 2016, I received the Best Poster Award at the 4th International Entrepreneurship Colloquium, Casablanca, Morocco.more

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  • Dr. Aicha Boukhriss

    Dr. Aicha Boukhriss

    Université Hassan II de Casablanca

    I am a professor in applied science and textile materials. I have a Phd in applied materials from Universite Hassan II de Casablanca, Morocco and Blaise Pascale in France. I’m responsible for the mutualized innovation platform and am an associate researcher at the LIMAT laboratory of Hassan II university. I’m an author of a review and a two-chapter book on surface functionalization. In addition, I have coauthored over 15 published papers and 5 patents. As a lecturer I focus on production management and knitting technologies, however my research is based on surface modification, multifunctional surfaces, flame retardancy, water repellent properties, and fluorescence. I was the winner of the best prototype during ITMC Smart Salon in 2019.modification, multifunctional surfaces, flame retardancy, water repellent properties, and fluorescence. I was the winner of the best prototype during ITMC Smart Salon in 2019. more

  • Said Gmouh

    Said Gmouh

    Université Hassan II de Casablanca

    Dr. GMOUH Coordinates courses in Chemistry, Quality Management; Validation of analytical methods; Metrology at UH2C, and he is also the head of the engineering and materials laboratory (LIMAT). Among the many awards he has received, he was the winner of the 1st prize of research and development in 2019, and the winner of the Scientific Award "7th European Award A-IQS on Enzyme Technology in 2003. He holds 21 patent applications, and has published about a hundred indexed scientific articles, in the field of functionalization and nanomaterials. He also piloted many innovation projects at the national and international levels. more



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