Ergonomically designed toilet supporting healthier posture

The traditional sitting posture when using toilets puts strain on the rectum, whilst squatting is diffi-cult for the less agile.

Squatlet is a commode that caters to both the sitting and squatting postures. It has an adjustable footrest that changes the user’s posture reducing strain on ankles and knees by centring the body weight over the seat. The main mechanism consists of hydraulic shock springs for the steady up and down movement of the footrest and thigh support to switch between postures.

Zain Rehan Khan

  • Zain Rehan Khan

    Zain Rehan Khan

    National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

    Hi, I am an Industrial designer who is always eager to learn and broaden his abilities and creative thinking skills. I am a fresh graduate from National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) and I love to create meaningful solutions across both digital and physical platforms that drive, creative, rational and emotional change. My latest project is a hybrid toilet seat that caters to both the sitting and squatting postures of bowel movement mainly targeting the elderly. I am always open to opportunities that would help me develop this project in terms of human health and sustainability. more

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