Steam Nurse


A smart locker to clean medical staff's belongings

Healthcare workers' belongings are exposed to more contamination inside hospital environments. Project Steam Nurse creates a smart lockers to fully protect and sterilise clothes and belongings of hospital staff. It is diveded in two parts: the upper part for clothing and personal belongings, fully enclosed and can also be transported like a suitcase; and the lower one, where the work uniform is placed and cleaned by chemicals and UV light.

Giadips Team

  • Universidad Privada del Norte

    Lucia Pejerrey Florian, Jessica Porras Real, Jose Paredes Alarcón and Deivid Yabar Gamarra, young researchers at Giadips (Research Team for Applied Innovation in Product and Services design) a multidisciplinary research group directed by Ruth Manzanares at Universidad Privada del Norte in Perú. Lucia, Jessica and Jose are industrial design students in their last year, they have developed social research projects in human-centered products, Deivid is a mechatronic engineering student in 7th semester, he has develops a social robot to reduce the pollution on the beaches, a electronic cane to blind people and a other social projects, and our coordinator and teacher of industrial design and mechanical engineer Ruth Manzanares Grados, we design S-Nurse an electronic locker for health personnel to reduce the risk of Covid-19 and others microorganism. The idea born of interview to Italians and Peruvians nurses who feel exposed with the work clothes they wear since they have contact with patients.more

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