The End of Emotional Privacy


This suit reads emotions

The End of Emotional Privacy is a bodysuit that reads and stores people’s emotions. The project applies infrared sensor technology to simulate thermal vision and ‘read’ emotions. By standing in front of it, the user’s emotions are read and mapped as heat into the back of the bodysuit. This emotional heat map is then stored and visualized on a computer next to it. In a context of growing concern over data privacy, where corporations know who we are and what we want, The End of Emotional Privacy suggests a future in which our emotional states are monitored, manipulated and monetized.

Martina Solés Caldés

  • Martina Solés Caldés
    IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

    Martina Solés Caldés is a Graphic and Interaction Designer born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1994. Before graduating in 'Graphic Design and Visual Communication' in 2017, she decided to stop being a Graphic Designer, to became a Creative Coder. So she enrolled a Masters Degree in 'Advanced Interaction' from IAAC - Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, in 2018. For the last year she has been experimenting and learning Processing, OpenFrameworks, Arduino, Max/Msp, and Unity. She currently learns and works as an Interaction Design Intern at Eyesberg Studio. Conceptualizing and researching are her favorite parts of any project, with an special interest in social and psychological related projects.more

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