Customised body-fitting orthoses with embedded sensors

Traditional orthoses require regular doctors’ reviews and adjustments and can be uncomfortable for the wearer.

ThermoWear integrates electronics and meta-material structures with biocompatible thermoplastic materials to create customized, body-fitting smart orthoses. Embedded sensors empower them with various functions, such as assisting diagnosis, condition monitoring, and game-based rehabilitation training. Eliminating the need to remove components during adjustment by integrating adaptive materials, ThermoWear provides a truly accessible and flexible solution.


  • Yue Yang

    Yue Yang

    Zhejiang University

    Yue Yang is a researcher, designer, and engineer, presently working on her Ph.D. at Zhejiang University, China. Her research interest is human-computer interaction, particularly at the intersection of digital fabrication, material, sensing, and healthcare. She is passionate about combining creativity with technologies to empower human well-being. Her works feature in top academic publications and international design awards such as Red dot, iF, Dezeen, and James Dyson Award.more

  • Mengyan Guo

    Mengyan Guo

    Zhejiang University

    After more than 10 years of experience as a creator in the field of art, I decided to dedicate myself to the wonderful world of interdisciplinary research in design, art, engineering and science. Although my specialty is visual communication design. I now tend to place myself in a variety of creative projects involving fabrication and immersive experiences.more

  • Kuangqi Zhu

    Kuangqi Zhu

    Zhejiang University

    Kuangqi is a designer, engineer, and researcher. He is currently a master's student at Zhejiang University, where he studies human-computer interaction and human-centered design. His most recent research focuses on computational design and personal fabrication aiming to master digital craftsmanship and interactive creation. Kuangqi seeks to work on digital fabrication across the fields of design, material science, and engineering. His work has featured in various local publications as well as international award programs.more

  • Zihan Yan

    Zihan Yan

    Zhejiang University

    Zihan is a researcher and AI artist at the MIT Media Lab. She believes the ultimate goal of inventing the techniques is to augment our human selves. Her past work is mainly focused on investigating AI-enabled sensor-embedded wearables for mental health, social interaction, cognition monitoring, etc. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University in Industry Design. Her designs have won some international awards, such as Reddot and iF.more

  • Qiang Cui

    Qiang Cui

    Tsinghua University

    Qiang Cui is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Future Lab of Tsinghua University. He received Ph.D. degree in Design from Tsinghua University in 2022. He received the outstanding Doctoral graduate, the outstanding doctoral dissertation, and the National Scholarship. His research interests focus on human-computer interaction, particularly in generative design, digital fabrication, and interactive art.more

  • Junzhe Ji

    Junzhe Ji

    Zhejiang University

    Junzhe is currently studying for a Ph.D. degree in design science at Zhejiang University. He has just obtained two Bachelor's degrees from Zhejiang University in Automation and Mechatronical Engineering. He intends to do researches in Human-computer interaction with multidisciplinary knowledge including robotics, electrics, computer graphics, etc. Besides, with the passion for novelties, he is keen in participating in design and turning new ideas into reality.more

  • Zihong Zhou

    Zihong Zhou

    Zhejiang University

    Zihong is working toward a Ph.D. degree in design science at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. He focuses on interdisciplinary researches including wearable devices, embedded systems, sensor networks, and artificial intelligence of things. He believes that design is the key point to promoting applications of science and technology. He hopes to create significant value for people by design.more

  • Lei Ren

    Lei Ren

    College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University

    Lei is a creator and recently graduated in product design from College of Science & Technology Ningbo University. He is good at observation, attention to detail. He is enthusiastic about interaction design, emotional design, and smart material. He believes that the purpose of design is to search for an essential quality in things. He is trying to explore more possibilities of design.more

  • Jiaji Li

    Jiaji Li

    Zhejiang University

    Jiaji is pursuing a degree of Ph.D. in digital art and design in Zhejiang University. His research focuses on material design, digital fabrication and parametric modeling. more

  • Deying Pan

    Deying Pan

    Zhejiang University

    Deying is pursuing a degree of Ph.D. in computer science in Zhejiang University. His scope of research includes smart material design, digital fabrication and parametric modeling. more

  • Yitao Fan

    Yitao Fan

    Zhejiang University

    Yitao is a Ph.D. student in Zhejiang University and works on digital fabrication and smart materials. After she earned a B.E. degree in Industrial Design, her focus shifted to food design and sound art. Her goal is to create interactive objects by computational approach, and to explore the potentials of materials for interactivity. more

  • Danli Luo

    Danli Luo

    University of Washington

    Danli is a PhD at the Machine Agency in HCDE, University of Washington. She builds systems that encourage embodied knowledge sharing amongst domain experts, such as materials scientists and chemical engineers, and HCI researchers. She works at the intersection of materials processes and nature’s capacity. more

  • Lingchuan Zhou

    Lingchuan Zhou

    University of Nottingham Ningbo China

    Lingchuan is a creator with a background in product design, presently doing her BA at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China. Born to be curious about the world, she embraces the joy of interdisciplinary study and leverage the creativity and open-mindedness to solve problems. more

  • Ye Tao

    Ye Tao

    Zhejiang University

    TAO Ye is an Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Industrial Design Department of Zhejiang University City College. She mainly worked on designing and fabricating shape-changing interfaces, and digital crafts. She awarded the red dot, iF, Ars Electronica and other design awards; published more than 30 papers in top journals and academic conferences such as Science Advances, CHI, UIST. more


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