An e-reader to assist dyslexics with reading and comprehension

Tia is a smart e-reader app and library that caters to assist dyslexics with reading and comprehending stored documents and books. When enabled, this function splits the written text on the screen into smaller sections, allowing the reader to grasp words in a simpler manner that is less overwhelming. This function is accompanied with a selection of tools such as phonemic sounds and colour codes to further improve the reading experience.

Lubna AlMadani

  • Lubna AlMadani
    American University of Sharjah

    I'm a multimedia designer working to establish unique means of design to build profound and cooperative connections. I look to pursue higher education in order to gain more expertise in my field of work and contribute design tools that assist people with their day-to-day lives. My main research areas focus on bridging the gap between old and modern design technologies, and improving on already existing design mechanisms.more

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