Tiny Miracles


Honor the experiences of premature babies

Tiny Miracles is a collection of mementos designed for the parents of premature infants. The project explores how the traumatic experiences that new parents face in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit might be transformed by recording and commemorating the most important moments. The collection provides mementos to help parents mark important milestones, such as the first touch of a parent’s hand, the first taste of a mother’s milk, and the baby’s first unassisted breaths. Tiny Miracles is composed of three parts: a Preemie Bracelet that adapts the common newborn identification band to better suit the premature infant’s experience; a Keepsake Box in which parents record special moments and track daily activities; and a band of Milestone Beads that provides a constant connection between parent and child.

Carina Webb

  • Auckland University of Technology

    Carina is a storyteller, experience maker, and object creator. Inspired by symbols, rituals, dreams, and tales, her aim is to approach design in a playful and fun way that seeks to bring a smile to people’s faces or trigger an emotion. Ever the pluralist, her work spans across different disciplines, materials, and art forms, using whatever tools necessary to bring an idea to life. Tools that she may already have knowledge of, or perhaps has yet to discover. Each piece designed strives to withstand the passing of trends and foster complex relationships that grow more endearing over time.more

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