Total communication toy set


A social learning game for deaf children

Parents of deaf children often struggle with understanding their needs. This is low due to their illiteracy or poor education they received. This leads to an isolated child with lack of communication knowledge therefore absence of social skills.

The key objective of the Total Communication Toy Set is to help the deaf-mute child overcome communication barriers with hearing society by teaching the total communication modality for deaf children, who belong to the lower-middle and middle socioeconomic class and are born into hearing families. While creating a fun and non-academic learning experience through it.

Mariam Hamed Hussein

  • Mariam Hamed Hussein

    Mariam Hamed Hussein

    German University in Cairo

    I’m a product designer working to unlock total communication tools learning opportunities for every deaf-mute child around the world and especially in Egypt and underdeveloped countries In addition to my focus on human-centered design, tackling the deaf-mute children's communication problem started by visiting a school for deaf-mute children in Egypt, where it was inspected that the deaf students have marvelous abilities to be embraced but the offered learning system decreased it instead of developing and embracing it. My research contributions include a variety of methodologies such as design ethnography that focuses on human-centered design and learning experience improvement for children with deafness. more

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