Unlearn – Partition ouverte vers une conscience corporelle


A mat to awaken the body

Unlearn is a responsive mat that allows people to awaken and connect with their body as soon as they get out of bed. The product is inspired by Steve Paxton’s ‘Contact-Improvisation’ dance technique, whereby dancers use the physical laws of friction, momentum, gravity and inertia to explore the relationship between bodies and the space around them. By working through four basic stages – ‘to wake’, ‘to balance’, ‘to explore’, ‘to touch’ – the user enjoys a series of spontaneous interactions with their own body, gradually waking up and allowing them to start the day feeling grounded in themselves.

Sacha Buliard

  • Sacha Buliard
    École Boulle

    Sacha was first trained as an event designer, scenographer, and product designer at École Boulle in Paris. She then continued her studies in Canada, focusing on event design and scenography at the University of Quebec in Montréal. Sacha’s practice has always been closely connected to the performing arts, particularly dance and contemporary circus. In the past few years, her research focused on the different forms of contemporary dance and on artists such as Merce Cunningham, Pina Bausch, Jerome Bel, Steve Paxton, and John Cage, who spent their life studying the body and working on a way to decondition it. Now living in Montréal, Sacha’s work is concerned with how design can incorporate these different techniques in daily life.more

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