Unwanted Toys


Luxury furniture made from garbage

Unwanted Toys is an exploration of furniture surfaces made using scrap and waste material. The materials have been processed, altered and rearranged in a new form — the top of a bench, the legs and frame of which are specially designed and built to form a new, elevated context — raising questions of what defines an object’s value. Unwanted Toys is a project that asks questions about the nature of design, prompting the user to consider what defines aesthetic value and how value is affected by placing waste objects in a new context.

Christopher Gleeson

  • Christopher Gleeson
    University of Gothenburg

    I am a 28 year old designer and interior architect, based and trained in Gothenburg, Sweden and with a passion for details, scale and materials. Today I work at Wingårdhs, one of Swedens main architecture firms, with projects ranging from large scale offices and hotels down to designing the details of wooden stools and tables. Before I fell in love with working creatively and started my carreer in design, I trained to become a pilot and I still fly airplanes on my spare time. I believe design is at its very best when the most subtle touches harmonize to create perfect balance. Really well executed design should hardly be noticed, but apprecieated at an almost subconscious level.more

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