Home-made disinfectant

The rising demand for surface desinfectant has limited the availability of the product at retail level. Project VEA creates a low-cost home-made option to produce disinfecting liquid bleach anywhere in the world, through the use of an electrical component that converts a simple mix of water and salt into a Sodium Hydroxide solution (bleach).


  • Sepideh Golgoon

    Sepideh is a professor at the College of Industrial Design and a product design studio associate. She does research on the impact of design on society and is now a member of the Society of Young Scientists. Her main research subject is an inclusive product design and the main target group is designed in universal design major especially children and poor people. Due to her experience at Design Week in Milan, she now serves as a renowned designer in the field of design and is an international consultant at Design Studio.more

  • Mostafa Arvand Barmchi

    Mostafa is a young and energetic professor at the Islamic Azad University and is fond of minimalist designs. He has his own design studio - with a focus on product design. At the University, he teaches mass-production and product design training. His students' research and design in the classroom is often linked with factories and manufacturing companies. He has been a consultant to various start-ups in the field of electronics-IoT and smart products. Mostafa’s award-winning work is a testament to his quest for innovation and creating design solutions that improve the quality of life. He aims to continue his efforts in developing new talent and inspiring design thinking in all around the world.more

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