Visiting a Parent in Prison


Workshop tools designed to support a dialog between child and prison

Visiting a Parent in Prison is a proposal for the redesign of child visitor environments in Swedish prisons. Developed through discussion and workshops with the children of incarcerated parents, Visiting a Parent in Prison aims to create a reassuring atmosphere that the children feel is currently lacking. By constructing a comforting and positive environment through playful colours and materials, the design proposes to introduce small play zones in waiting areas. Visiting a Parent in Prison hopes to be the first in a series of shifts that improve the experience children who visit prisons.

Anna Hydén

  • Anna Hydén
    University of Gothenburg

    Anna Hydén is a Child Culture Designer from Gothenburg, Sweden. She works with co-design and participatory design methods, investigating social issues in society. Her main drive is to discuss norms, thru design and design processes. As a Child Culture Designer she is educated in working together with, and towards children in creative processes.more

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