Health management tool for patients with autoimmune diseases

Over 8% of the world’s population suffer from debilitating and incurable autoimmune diseases

A health management app giving autoimmune patients access to high-quality and personalised care and improved treatment outcomes. Wellbie tracks symptoms and behaviour, providing data which is analysed and summarised in a weekly report to help patients understand their disease better and support them in managing their condition. Clinicians also receive the data, enabling them to make any necessary changes to treatment.


  • Wiktoria Gnatiuk

    Wiktoria Gnatiuk

    University College London

    Wiktoria is a Biomedical Scientist who discovered her passion for digital health as part of her final year university project. She wants to bridge the gap between the healthcare system and technology innovation to deliver personalised care to patients and improve their quality of life. This desire has led her to start a job at a Management Consultancy based in London. She has facilitated multiple projects, working with cross-functional teams to deliver impactful solutions. She combines her scientific skills with her business knowledge to help the teams design solutions which have the patient's interest at heart.more

  • Simona Mihalikova

    Simona Mihalikova

    Queen Mary University of London

    Simona comes from a mixed background in mathematics and clinical medicine, having completed a foundation year in Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a BSc in Biomedical sciences at UCL and now a medical degree at Queen Mary University of London. She is passionate about implementing precision health solutions for patients and utilises her analytical skills to bring those solutions to life. She has been deeply involved with Medecins sans Frontieres societies for UK universities, organising workshops and volunteering opportunities as well as participating as organiser and ambassador for the GIANT Health Conference in London. more


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