A platform for cultural institutions to engage audiences and enable them to generate content

Cohesion is an outdoor, adaptable museum experience aimed at bringing people together during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. With many cultural institutions facing permanent closure a new way must be found to offer people places to learn about their collective history. The Cohesion project focuses on safeguarding and improving these institutions. It also democratises museum content by showcasing visitor-generated work which could help mitigate the loneliness and isolation that many are currently experiencing. Cohesion can be hosted by any museum, its content being displayed in a large-scale, immersive format using a combination of projectors and motion trackers.

Sofia Tapia

  • Sofia Tapia

    Sofia Tapia

    Carleton University

    I am an industrial designer working towards creating spaces for people to feel immersed, at home, or inspired through the design of objects and spaces that explore materiality and emotion. After completing my studies at Carleton University, I decided to focus my career on designing spatial experiences that connect people with their surroundings, the environment, and others. I aspire to pursue a career in interior architecture and am currently working on self-directed projects that explore craft techniques using various materials.more

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