Smart helium-filled balloon for early forest fire detection

The risk of forest fires is growing exponentially with the worsening global warming crisis, leading to increased loss of trees and green spaces.

Aerostat is a mechanical and reusable smoke-sensitive helium tank which inflates when smoke is detected and rises above the tree canopy, meaning that official in watchtowers can see the warning before the fire spreads. Usable at night due to the phosphorescent material the balloon is also cost effective with a high service life and low power consumption.

Merve Kalan

  • Merve Kalan

    Merve Kalan

    Middle East Technical University

    Hi! I'm a recent graduate industrial designer from Middle East Technical University. Coming from Turkey. During my undergraduate education I have started working as a product designer in an agricultural technology company that tries to reduce the negative impact of agriculture on the environment by reducing fertilizer. I like to be part of a team that aims to make a good impact on earth and apply responsible production methods right at the beginning of the product development stage. I prioritize the impact of the design will bring into the world! more

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