Automatic Wildlife Monitoring


GPS-based animal monitoring system

Forest animals frequently damage crops, but electric fence systems often result in painful death and pose a danger to farmers.

This automatic detection and monitoring system identifies escaped wild animals with GPS and an ultrasonic sensor to assess their speed. It plays an audio recording of a lion’s roar and utilises LEDs to deter them, sending a notification of the activity to forest officials.

Innocent Zirakwiye

  • Innocent Zirakwiye

    Innocent Zirakwiye

    The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology

    I am called Innocent Zirakwiye, married with two daughters, Rwandese, born in 1985. I worked in UNICEF Rwanda as the Teacher Management Information System (TMIS) consultant. I developed a system called “Online Multi-School Management Information System ” for Catholic Education Ruhengeri Diocese. I am experienced in Database designing, Embedded Systems, Sensors and actuators. The major areas of interest include ICT of Transport, Drones for agriculture, and ICT for Health. more


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