Averto Labs


Wearable fall detection system for at-risk construction workers

Many fatalities on construction sites are due to falls and related delays in the arrival of emergency services.

Averto is a sturdy and compact IoT-based device worn on the worker’s belt. It detects sudden change in motion and sets off an alarm. This triggers a warning which is sent to a control center along with details of the incident. The efficiency and speed of this technology could mean the difference between life and death for a worker.


  • Deepti Shetty

    Deepti Shetty

    National Institute of Design, India

    I am now studying the National Institute of Design, Haryana. Exploring disciplines to understand and meet people's needs is something I enjoy doing. My primary objective of making products accessible to everyone appears to be an unsettling hurdle. I think that by curating things to the needs of the consumer, we can make them available to everyone by making them ergonomically pleasant, simple to use, and inexpensive.more

  • Rohan Ghosalkar

    Rohan Ghosalkar

    The University of California Santa Cruz

    I am currently pursuing Computer Science at University of California, Santa Cruz. While I am enthusiastic about Machine Learning and its applications, I am aware of the drastic influence IoT continues to have over the world. Which is why I believe Averto is capable of having real tangible impact on the lives of millions of people.more



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