Date rape nail polish detector

Rape drugs are impossible to detect through sight and taste alone, usually with catastrophic consequences.

This sustainably produced transparent nail polish changes colour instantly on contact with date-rape drugs in food or drink, warning the user subtly of present danger. Presented in attractive environmentally friendly packaging to encourage users to take it anywhere, the product is aimed at all genders and appropriate ages.


  • Marta Bartesaghi

    Marta Bartesaghi

    NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts

    Hi I am Marta, I am 21 years old and I am currently attending the three-year graphic design course at NABA, nuova accademia di belle arti Milano. I define myself as a determined, creative and smiling girl. I am interested in developing logos and the communicative part of branding. I also enjoy writing. My goal for the future is to be able to work in a creative communication agency, which can stimulate me to deepen my interests. more

  • Gaia D’ettorre

    Gaia D’ettorre

    NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts

    Hi! I am Gaia D'Ettorre, I am 22 years old and I am attending the course of Graphic design and Art direction at NABA, nuova accademia di belle arti in Milan. I attended a graphic high school and thanks to this I approached the advertising world understanding its great communicative potential and becoming passionate about it. I am a precise person, I love simple things and details. I take care of every project in all its smallest facets without leaving anything to chance. After studying I’d like to work for the most important international brands. more

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  • Alessia Radaelli

    Alessia Radaelli

    NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts

    My name is Alessia Radaelli, I am 21 years old and I study at Naba, nuova academia di belle arti. I am attending the third year of graphic design and art director with the specialization in brand design. I approached the world of graphics when I was 16, thanks to my passions for drawing and computers. This began my passion and consequently studying, which I hope will become my job. more

  • Jeannette Rubino

    Jeannette Rubino

    NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts

    Hi! My name is Jeannette Rubino and I am 21 years old. My friends call me "J" and it has become my stage name on social media: @michiamanoj. I attended art school, graphic arts and decided to continue in this field also at university. I immediately realized that this was the way for me, a world where creativity comes first. Brand identity was the course chosen by me, but I love many other subjects such as art publishing and website. I also love the fashion world in small part. I hope one day to collaborate with the biggest agencies. more

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  • Prof. Luca Giulio Ferreccio

    Prof. Luca Giulio Ferreccio

    NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts

    Luca Ferreccio, designer trained at the SPD Polytechnic School of Design in Milan, currently he is Creative Director at SoFarSoNear Studio. SoFarSoNear is a design studio that develops branding and communication projects (brand packaging), product design and interior design. There are also Art Direction contracts with companies in the field of interior design and furniture as creative director, from branding to product. Currently Luca Ferreccio is engaged in the teaching of Methodology of Design in the first year, Packaging Design and Brand Strategy in the second year, and Future Scenarios in the third year, at the New Academy of Fine Arts NABA in Milan with the qualification of senior lecturer.more



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