Bindass Vellas


A brand to challenge patriarchal systems

Bindas Vellas deals with the deep-rooted patriarchal systems in India’s socio-cultural beliefs and religious traditions. The brand connects with the Indian youth through contemporary, bold, witty grounded thought and identity process to advocate social change and break the never-ending cycle of patriarchal practices one step at a time and move Indian society towards a future of equality.

To obtain equality in Indian society, the funda (idea) begins from the dhulai (to wash/ beating up) of patriarchy in the household, thereby promoting the jhakaas (fantastic) deconstruction of patriarchal practices and encouraging the equal division of household chores and making a mast (awesome) impact daily life.

Arshya Rais

  • Arshya Rais

    Arshya Rais

    Middlesex University Dubai

    I am a graphic designer from Middlesex University Dubai. My aspiration has always been to bring about changes in society through my creative artwork. It was a great opportunity to work on a project related to a social issue- patriarchy, especially in India as it is home to one of the world's youngest populations. This project catered to the Indian youth. To understand more about patriarchal ideologies, its history, and its impact, I explored various secondary resources like journals, books, articles, Ted Talks, and blogs. Autoethnography also played a critical role in my research as I analyzed my personal experience for a better cultural understanding. This encouraged me to take a step towards crushing the stereotypical gender roles given to women in the Indian patriarchal society. more


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