The Anychair


A modular desk chair for schools in rural areas

The Anychair is a collapsible chair that can be mass produced and transported quickly and cost-effectively.

Designed for tool-less assembly on site, it can be transported quickly and cheaply to remote areas. This makes it an effective product for underprivileged people in remote areas as well as people in urgent need of resources and amenities such as those in disaster stricken zones or refugee camps.

The USP of the product is how simple it is to produce and deploy in bulk at an extremely cheap cost.

Cyrus Kheshwalla

  • Cyrus Kheshwalla

    Cyrus Kheshwalla

    Manipal Academy of Higher Education – Dubai Campus

    I am an interior design student. I am looking to design a range of furniture that is suited specifically to use cases where access to suitable furniture is limited. This follows a low cost high volume business model, aimed at governments and non-profit charities. As a designer, I strongly believe that the deprivation of such basic necessities has a very negative impact on the quality of life inhabitants experience. As such, by alleviating such issues, you leave the population in a better position for progress and development.more

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