CERES: Cultivating citizen seeds


A sustainable solution for community-driven food production using and sharing native seeds

This is a project to give citizens the opportunity to participate in healthy, common and sustainable food production. Over time, the standardisation of agricultural production and the power wielded by multi-nationals has meant the loss of many native seed types and a great reduction in the variety grown. The Ceres project, in association with a group of organic farmers and associations is promoting the certification and sharing of native seeds, which have been kept in cold storage, with the wider public, thereby saving them from extinction and increasing bio-diversity.

Coline Chomer

  • Coline Chomer
    École Boulle

    Always fascinated and attracted by handmade, beauty, and raw materials, it was essential for me to practice my design halfway with crafts. I choose a material to explore it through its history, its current use, its users and its craft techniques. Attracted by natural materials, I've been interested in straw: a material considered obsolete, full of history, traditions and actors. My goal is not only to unveil its beauty but also to give it meaning and usefulness for transmitting values, ideologies, but also bringing actors together and questioning us about our current practices for a more sustainable world.more

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