Transforming bone waste from meat processing into components for consumer electronics

Elos is a range of switches and sockets made from recycled animal bones which have electrical insulation properties and at present are simply a polluting waste by-product of the meat industry. The inspiration for the shape of the socket is the structure of the head of a femur, the switches are designed with the shaft bone in mind. Other components can be added such as a cable winder and a cell phone charging station.

Souhaïb Ghanmi

  • Souhaïb Ghanmi

    Souhaïb Ghanmi

    ECAL, Lausanne University of Art and Design

    I am an industrial designer graduated from ECAL (école cantonal d'art de Lausanne) in Switzerland. My interest is to find solutions to everyday problems, especially in the ecological aspect. I focus on the search for a natural and recyclable material. This way we avoid pollution by the energy consumed by the disintegration and we use the maximum of the existing resources. Then, I study the properties of the material to apply it in the best possible way in its object and allow a better durability.more


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