A kit for collecting nature

Many children today spend too much time in front of screens, leading to sedentary lifestyles and reduced attention spans. Look aims to help them re-engage with the physical world around them by finding and collecting different plant species specific to their local area. The plants are ranked according to how common or rare they are, allowing children to accumulate points depending on their findings. A lightbox and scanner allow them to digitise each species, learning about them before adding their features to their collection.

Matthew Visco

  • Matthew Visco
    Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

    Hello, my name is Matt Visco. I am an interaction designer from Berkeley, Ca.I have a large collection of rocks from different backpacking trips I’ve been on. Many of those rocks are from Death Valley.When I’m not collecting rocks, I enjoy making things. I make physical things and digital things, sometimes I combine the two. I think technology lives too often in the screen and I enjoy bringing it out.John Muir is one of my heroes, he dedicated his life to exploring the outdoors and showing people its beauty. I think that is an honorable pursuit.Gary Snyder is a poet I like, here's one of my favorite poems.In 2017, I attended Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. I spent the year making things with different people for different people (sometimes for no one). I enjoy making weird things, things that make people laugh, things that help people.more

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