Using music to make healthier and more conscious eating choices

Mealody is a novel solution to control diets which enhances meal time experiences by pairing food with music, based on personal preferences, whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle. It employs a connected system through real-time music algorithms with smart devices. This project aims to tackle a complex and relevant issue of lifestyle diseases, by suggesting a joyful solution to help people enjoy their meals while consciously controlling their diets. By integrating musical stimulus into the connected system of smart devices, Mealody can change eating habits in a non-invasive, intuitive and pleasant way.

Taratorn Ruengvetpakdee

  • Taratorn Ruengvetpakdee

    Taratorn Ruengvetpakdee

    Royal College of Art

    I am a multidisciplinary designer focusing on how to bring people’s insights to drive innovation and envision novel experiences in both everyday life and future lifestyle scenarios. My design practice is based on a deep understanding of human-centered design, behavior change, challenging perceptions and cultural sensitivity across the globe. This enhances my foresight to seek relatable and meaningful design solutions for a rapid change in our world. more

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