A therapy kit for Alzheimer's patients

Memo is a therapy kit designed for Alzheimer’s patients and their carers. The project provides tools for three forms of therapy. Speakers and instruments create the possibility for music therapy, while fragrance diffusers can be used for aromatherapy. A dedicated mobile application can be loaded with photographs and memory exercises to assist in reminiscence therapy. Together, these tools form an integrated home therapy system that helps carers treat, comfort and bond with Alzheimer’s patients.

Nina Woroniecka

  • Nina Woroniecka
    Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

    I graduated from Design Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. I am co-founder and designer at Lotne Studio - small multidisciplinary design studio based in Warsaw. I also work as UI Designer at Demant Technology Center, where I create interfaces for medical software. I am a laureate of design contests, I presented my work at exhibitions in Poland and abroad. In my work I like to face existing social challenges and meet the real human needs. For some time now I am interested in working for medical industry and designing for seniors. I believe that this is the field where I truly can have positive impact.more

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