Minimal Water


A new way of bathing using mist

Showering takes up half of our daily water consumption, and the amount of energy required to heat the water is extremely high. Using mist could offer a more considered approach to bathing at home, by using a fraction of the water and heat whilst creating a pleasurable sensorial experience. Mist nozzles break down water into tiny droplets; this multiplies their surface area, meaning that less water is needed to soak something. The structure is built close around the body for optimal thermal comfort, and the mesh confines and catches the mist. Taking a five-minute mist bath would use 7.5 litres of water, while the average shower takes 50 litres.

Jonas Görgen

  • Jonas Görgen
    Design Academy Eindhoven

    Jonas Gorgen is a designer, inventor and photographer living and working in Europe. The foundation of his work lies in his fascination on the impact and interaction of humans and technology and the scale of technological intervention in our lives. He questions the established norms within society, envisioning how things can be more thoughful and less wasteful. He studied in Germany and Korea before graduationg from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019.more


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