Teaching the basics of nutrition to children through gaming

NUTRIKID is an eLearning platform that teaches children the basics of nutrition, using interactivity and gaming. When introduced to fundamental human nutrition and its relationship with growth and health, the intention is that children will learn to choose what is good for their health. They will also apply, practice, and enforce their knowledge via game apps, eBooks, colouring books, and videos that will expand in parallel with the teaching content.

Lamia Ghernati

  • Lamia Ghernati

    Lamia Ghernati

    American University of Beirut

    I am a student of Public Health Nutrition and I am working on reducing malnutrition coming from bad nutritional’s choices. I plan after graduation to focus my efforts on shifting the way children perceive and eat fruits and vegetables. I want to make a better nutritional choice the norm. I will work on not only empowering children to know what is good for their health but also work on positively impacting the future of technology and entertainment. As a Master's Student, my research interests are around the impact of nutrition, more precisely processed food, on physical and mental health as well as the use of technology in the field of Public Health Nutrition such as technology-based intervention and eHealth.more

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