Parity Pockets


A simple fix for dysfunctional design

Parity Pockets is a DIY kit and educational event dedicated to correcting the non-functioning pockets designed into women’s clothing. Industrial design, its culture and its objects, plays a significant role in social constructions of race, class, gender and age. Parity Pockets provides an immediate solution to one example of gender bias in design: pockets in womenswear. These no-sew pocket extenders correct the non-functional pockets found in many women’s clothes. The Parity Pockets workshop presents the history of bias in industrial design, superficial and lethal examples of design failures in considering women accurately, and, finally, promising examples of change in other fields tackling gender bias.

Francesca Suman

  • Francesca Suman
    Pratt Institute

    Francesca is an HIV vaccine researcher turned industrial designer. She strives to balance thorough research with beautiful form and thoughtful materials. She is driven by cross collaboration with people across disparate fields to create purposeful and meaningful design. She is passionate about textiles, pattern design and soft goods, as well as the emerging role of industrial designers in tackling complex social issues and how physical objects impact psychological and emotional health.more

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