A sock that supports correct foot development

Newborn baby’s feet are mostly made up of cartilage and fat, with the cartilage ossifying to form bones as the child develops. Ill-fitting shoes or abnormal walking styles can cause problems in foot development; however, issues such as a toddler walking on their heels or on the tips of their toes are often difficult to spot – leading to late diagnosis. Prewalker is a sock made of pressure-sensitive material, used to record the pressure points on a child’s foot throughout the day. Following a spectrum from green to red, the socks clearly show where pressure is being applied, allowing parents to chose suitable footwear and be alerted to any abnormal walking styles.


  • Homa Abdoli

    Homa Abdoli

    University of the Arts Tehran

    I'm a 25 year-old industrial designer based in Isfahan, Iran. My passion to create innovative thoughts and ideas that help the mankind, made me select Industrial design as my field of study. In my point of view, designing is a great portion of our every-day life. My biggest dream is to see people using my designed products to solve their problems. From all of the different industrial design orientations, I chose emotional designing with the focus on mothers and newborns-related products. After receiving my bachelor's degree from Isfahan university of Arts, I placed Sixth in the national Industrial design olympiad and started to study my masters at Tehran University of Arts. I took part in many workshops under the supervision of top masters in the world that helped my designs getting selected for the Design week of Milan.more

  • Mahtab Noori

    Mahtab Noori

    University of the Arts Tehran

    I'm a master's student of design in Tehran University of Art. Two years ago I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Material Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology. Although I've been fascinated by engineering since childhood, while I was working on my bachelor's thesis some idea came to my mind. I wondered "How can I use this material with all these amazing features to create something that could help people to have a better life or create a better world?".So I decided, I'm going to focus on industrial design. Now I work on user centered design, designing for climate change and optimized utilization of material features to help others for a better life.more

  • Nima Sharifi

    Nima Sharifi

    University of the Arts Tehran Art University of Isfahan

    I’m a 26 years old multidisciplinary designer and project manager with an interest in Experience Design and Social Innovations, based in Ottawa, Canada. I was born and brought up in a city called Hamadan, Iran. I attended the Art University of Isfahan from 2013 to 2017 and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design, I also studied at Iran University of Science and Technology for 2 years as a postgraduate student until I quit that program. Currently, I’m a first-year postgraduate student in Design at Carleton University. I have 2 years of experience working as a Junior Designer in Value Innovation Center (VIC) of a company in Iran, and I’m ready for every challenge! I love working with people who believe that good things need teamwork, Passion and Design. I have always dreamed of becoming a designer, I feel my desire has been fulfilled.more

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