Safe Cooking


A safer, and more efficient, wood burning stove

One third of Pakistan’s population currently uses wood as fuel; many of them are nomad communities for whom this offers the cheapest and most readily available resource. However, cooking on wood fires can be dangerous as there is a high risk of injury as well as long-term health effects from wood smoke such as eye and throat infections, headaches and a number of respiratory illnesses. Safe Cooking is a portable stove that consumes less wood, cooks faster and includes a highly effective ventilation system. The product is safe and easy to use and allows wood-fire cooking to remain a central part of domestic life without posing a health risk to users.

Sarmad Hassan

  • Sarmad Hassan
    University of Karachi

    An Industrial Design graduate from Visual Studies Department, University of Karachi. I am an Interior and product designer. My work is usually focused to provide cost effective solutions to underprivileged people. Main purpose of my designed projects and products is solely dependent to support their life style and enhance their living standard. Recently I have been associated with projects related to children interactive and learning products, and currently I am working as an art and design teacher for a non-profit organization in Karachi, Pakistan.more

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