Biodegradable plastic film for sustainable packaging from gin distillery waste

Scobio is a colourless and biodegradable plastic replacement biofilm grown from Scottish gin distillery waste, developed in an effort to reduce the ever growing amount of plastic waste produced by households every year. It also has useful applications in the medical field, having inherent antimicrobial abilities and a water holding capacity exceeding wound dressings on the market today. It is petroleum free and biodegradable without the need for industrial composters as well as being made from raw materials sourced from existing waste streams.

Fergus Telfer

  • Fergus Telfer

    Fergus Telfer

    The Glasgow School of Art

    I am a Scottish multidisciplinary designer and engineer with a passion for sustainable design. This motivated me to question the materials that we as designers use and inspired me to develop new alternatives to plastics as part of my Product Design Engineering Master's project which I recently finished at the Glasgow School of Art. I hope to use this platform to share and expand my own knowledge of sustainable practices, meet like-minded designers and collaborate towards new initiatives. more

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