Shake that Butter


A work out device to make butter

For large parts of the population, highly processed convenience foods have become the norm – leading to pandemic health issues and a lack of awareness around food production. In the guise of a simple exercise tool, Shake that Butter invites users to re-engage with the production of one of the most basic food products. With a simple hand-held device, users can make their own butter and buttermilk by churning cream through a series of shaking and rolling movements. The shape and texture of the device was designed to ensure an easy grip, while the transverse stripes stimulate blood circulation.

Agnieszka Tchórzewska

  • Agnieszka Tchórzewska
    The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw

    Born in Poland, graduated MSc in Design at Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw. Previously studied BSc in Industrial Design at Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw. Upon finishing my studies, I gained experience working at design studios and companies in the Netherlands and Poland. My studies and studio experience exposed me to traditional methods and materials such as ceramics, glass and wood. I developed a deep interest in combining these with modern technologies I learned, such as 3D Modelling and 3D Printing. This year I completed my art residency at Ćmielów Design Studio, which deepened my passion for ceramics.more

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