Social Life in Vertical Spaces


Reforming urban architecture for a more inclusive, communal well being

The project addresses a broad social and health issue prevalent in Sharjah influenced by the urban design and policies. A residential tower that addresses these issues is not the ultimate solution to the problem, but rather a response to the site conditions in Sharjah. Exploiting the advantages of the vertical nature of housing in the city to bring these essential recreational spaces closer and more accessible to the residents.

Janet Jacob

  • Janet Jacob

    Janet Jacob

    American University of Sharjah

    I am a recent architecture graduate working towards creating spaces that will enhance the life of inhabitants particularly in cities. After graduating from American University of Sharjah, I took to launch a career in residential and commercial architecture in Dubai. My interests and research include analyzing human occupation in cities and studying how architecture in the city needs to evolve to accommodate a better quality of life for the inhabitants. more

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