The Reach


A serene rest stop for Dubai's delivery drivers

Joelle Kassapoglou

  • Joelle Kassapoglou

    Joelle Kassapoglou

    American University in Dubai (AUD)

    I graduated from the German Jordan University with a BSc. in architecture. I am an architect and an individual who is eager to make a change and have an impact, I believe that discovering opportunities in each challenge, determining solutions and ideas that seem impossible to be anticipated and realizing that the real change and impact stems from the core of society itself and not from the bizarre solutions presented that might work against the flow of culture or the environment, is something everyone should realize and work upon. My bachelor thesis focuses on enhancing and bringing opportunities to the underdeveloped refugees' camps. the aim is to restructure the community and transfer it from a consumer to producer through an agribusiness incubator and fabrication lab with the cooperation of Schneller school as a prototype to better urban integration and enhance refugees’ camps stereotype. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about humanitarian architecture and urban design and am hoping to improve Jordan's urban issues through sustainable design and relations.more

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