The Sweater Work / Shop


Destroy your old sweater and make a new one

The Sweater Work / Shop is a mobile kiosk where old knitted garments are unraveled and re-knit into something new. The kiosk serves as a workstation and a shop, providing the resources necessary for recycling clothes and a place to sell them. The Sweater Work / Shop visualizes the process of un-knitting old garments such as sweaters, making recycling yarn and then knitting new products from this yarn. The shop design includes an alternative pricing system that offers customized products for a lower price in order to create value by engaging the customer in the process of creation.

Valentina Lachner

  • Valentina Lachner
    Aalto University

    Valentina Lachner was born 1993 in Germany, in a small town close to Munich. After finishing school at the top of her class, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich for a BA in Interior Architecture. Inspired by the programmes multidisciplinarity, she moved abroad to Finland to study at Aalto University Helsinki for a MA in Product and Spatial Design. During the time of her MA studies in Finland she moved even further abroad for an exchange semester at the Iceland Academy of Arts in Reykjavik, Icleand. After successfully graduating, she now works as a graphic designer for a finnish start-up company, while dreaming of and preparing for launching her own creative enterprise.more

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