A swim coach that you wear

V//SM is a smart athletic garment that reads and replicates the user’s body movement digitally. Designed for swimmers, V//SM delivers visual feedback on the user’s performance and provides insights into how to improve form. Efficient swimming demands highly technical movements. Without access to training facilities and coaches, it’s difficult for a swimmer to improve. V//SM is a coach that you wear. Through its app and a swim top, V//SM presents a 3D motion capture of the swimmer. This 3D avatar provides visual feedback through colour, transparencies, and motion trails detailing the accuracy and inaccuracy of the swimmer’s stroke. Although initially developed for swimmers, V//SM’s methods for increasing body awareness have applications for weight training and physical therapy of all kinds.

Nikeisha Nelson

  • Nikeisha Nelson
    Royal College of Art

    Constantly active and playing sports, Nikeisha Nelson has spent the majority of her career in New York City. As a graphic, sportswear, and product designer she focuses on the body's interaction with products and technology. With over 5 years of design experience, she has done work for Nike Inc., Christopher Ræburn, Forever21, and Urban Outfitters. In addition, she has shown work in New York Fashion Week 2015-17 and London Fashion Week 2018. She recently earned her MA degree in Design Products from The Royal College of Art (London) and continues to collaborate with other strong thinkers to explore the interaction between the body and products.more

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