Smart container to monitor food freshness at home

Vorkoster is a smart lid that tracks deterioration of food in the home and helps in the reduction of waste. It incorporates a lid that visualises the deterioration of food via a PH-sensitive film in
the middle which reacts to the spoilage of protein-containing foods with a colour change. Taster intents to offer an alternative to the standardised expiry date and to provide assistance for an
unpackaged future. The lid is a 3D printed object, the PH film is made from algae and works with a self-made natural indicator dye.


  • Kimia Amir Moazami

    Kimia Amir Moazami

    University of the Arts Berlin (UdK – Berlin)

    I am Kimia Amir-Moazami and I completed my studies in product and process design at the Berlin University of the Arts. During my studies, I worked as a tutor in various project groups. I spent a semester abroad at the Design Academy Eindhoven to deepen my knowledge in design research and experimental design approaches. I currently work as a product and UX designer and teach design at the Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium in Berlin. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects with a focus on design research. more

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  • Sany Chea

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