We Be


A wearable to device to track and recognise emotional labour

WeBe is a smart, wearable device designed to track and communicate stress levels between couples. Many women around the world face the double burden of work and childcare, and find it hard to communicate feelings of tiredness or stress with their partner. WeBe tracks and analyses each wearer’s heart rate, sleep pattern, stress level, activity, sweat and emotions – and extrapolates a visual ‘emotional battery’ level that is shared between the couple. This shared emotional battery allows both partners to be aware of how each other are feeling over the course of the day, and be better equipped to offer the necessary care and support.

Team Kaya

  • IED – Istituto Europeo di Design (Barcelona)

    Team Kaya is made up of 2 designers (IED): Bruna Camaroti and Heloise Simonneaux-Lanoix, 2 Engineers (UPC): Pol Carrera and Guillem París, and an MBA (ESADE): Max Bræger, who came together in tandem with CERN with the mission of tackling the UN’s fifth Sustainable Development Goal; Gender Equality.more

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