Whys – Context for Decision Making


A data visualisation platform to make informed decisions

Whys is a decision-support system that presents nuanced information in an intuitive and structured way. Seeking to get away from binary data polls – in which decisions are simplified to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer – Whys encourages reflection in public debate, representing the notions behind different opinions. Rather than giving all un-contextualised opinions equal footing, Whys shows the connectivities between often differing views – bringing together fractured information and helping to make sense of it. By enabling decision makers to see the ‘big picture’ in seconds, better processes for collaboration are made possible in politics, management and science.

Laurenz Reichl

  • Laurenz Reichl
    Imperial College London

    Laurenz Reichl grew up in Munich, Germany, did his undergraduate in Communication Design with a focus on information design. In 2019 he graduated with distinction from Global Innovation Design (MA + MSc) after two years in London, Beijing, and Singapore. As a designer he’s a strategic and analytical thinker, solving all sorts of problems with creative, new, smart, and efficient strategies. His academic and professional focus is decision-making, and as a consultant and practitioner, he focusses on tools and strategies to improve public and corporate decision quality. As an endlessly curious allrounder, he enjoys working as a freelancer and founder in various fields, manages interdisciplinary teams, and thrives when he gets the chance to make ideas work.more

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