An electric scooter that gets out of your way

FLIP is a foldable electric scooter designed for maximum simplicity. All of the unnecessary handles, levers and displays are stripped away from the design. The scooter folds simply by turning the steering bar 180° and then tilting it down. Round plates around the hinge prevent the bar from folding down while its user is driving. FLIP’s wooden footboard and handlebars are also hinged, enabling the scooter to fold into a very compact size. The battery and electrical control unit are hidden inside the scooter’s pipe structure, providing a clean silhouette.

Jukka Jokinen

  • Jukka Jokinen
    Aalto University

    I am an ambitious design student with a background in construction management. I have always paid attention to functionality and aesthetics of different things around me. My grandfather gave me my first knife when I was just a 1-year-old to endorse creativity and good craftsmanship in life. So by his example and advice I’ve been creating things by hand since I could walk. My greatest interests are in product and glass design.more

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