Furniture that makes you move

MOWO is a collection of furniture designed to inspire a more active approach to sitting. The pieces are constructed of birch plywood, both for its sustainable sources, as well as its elasticity and high tensile strength. The flexibility and sprung reaction of the plywood supports the user’s natural balance and fulfils the body’s need for movement. The collection explores the potential of motion-based seating in two ways: the first is a family of stools that allows for tilting and twisting the body; the second is a woven plywood structure that adapts to the body’s weight and form, reshaping itself according to its user. Although each piece feels bespoke, MOWO has been designed for mass production.

Lisa Stolz

  • Lisa Stolz
    Central Saint Martins (UAL)

    Lisa Stolz is an architect and furniture designer from Vienna, Austria. She first graduated from the Technical University Vienna in 2014 with a Master degree in Architecture. While working in an architectural office in Vienna she also co-founded a small interior start-up with 3 friends from University. It was these interior projects that inspired her and wakened her interest in furniture design. In 2016 she made the decision to move to London to study furniture design at Central Saint Martins, where she completed her Masters in June 2018. Her interest for the material wood is rooted in the Austrian culture, where a large part of the country is covered by forests. Through the background in architecture, she feels drawn to the aesthetic simplicity and the pureness of raw materials. In her work, she uses the material plywood innovatively and creates new sitting experiences by integrating body movement and posture variety.more

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