A stool for indoor cycling

stool.D is a combination stool and cycling machine designed for small houses. Conventional cycling machines often struggle to fit into the home, both spatially and aesthetically. stool.D addresses this problem by compressing a stationary bicycle into a single piece of multifunctional furniture. When the user pedals, LED lights provide visual feedback. The light rotates at the same rate as the pedalling speed to offer the user pleasure and motivation. Pioneering a new exercise-enabled form of furniture, stool.D provides a means for people to remain active when they are sitting, working, playing games or watching TV.


  • Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

    As an interdisciplinary team consists of three designers, we are Eunjun Cho, Sangjin Park and Young-Woo Park in Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering at UNIST. During the realization of our project, it required convergence of design and engineering knowledge, and we mingled in the whole design process. Eunjun particularly contributed to product design and form aesthetics, and Sangjin has contributed to technical implementation and design of internal engineering issues regarding our project "stool.D". They are both Master Students in the CDE graduate program. The overall process of this project has been directed by Young-Woo Park who researches about designing future interactive products.more


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