Practical semi-armour


Protect yourself from the deadly effects of your desk

Practical Semi-Armour is a costume designed to draw attention to the parts of the body most affected by long periods of sitting in front of a computer. The design was inspired by the health implications of the sedentary lifestyle demanded of knowledge workers. Each component of the costume corresponds to a point where one’s body makes contact with furniture when working on a computer. These are the parts most vulnerable to the effects of desk-bound work — the parts most needing of ‘protection’. Practical Semi-Armour offers a witty and grotesque, yet rational response to the demands that home office workers make on their bodies. It encourages reflection on work/life balance and the physical effects of our increasingly digital lives.

Gabriela Szałańska

  • Gabriela Szałańska
    Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

    Gabriela Szałańska is a designer based in Warsaw. She graduated from the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She also studied at the Design Faculty of the Izmir University of Economics. First professional experience was acquired in Vienna, working within the frames of a socially engaged project. Interested mainly in conceptual design and critical approach. Currently working as a Product Designer for Studio Rygalik.more


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