Handle grips for safer motorcycle travel

Limited visibility results in increased risk of collision for motorcyclists who would benefit from improved reaction times, especially in busy traffic.

InForm’s ergonomic grips react to road hazards by changing shape, warning the rider of blind spots or potential collisions, and helping them to react quicker and more accurately to potentially unsafe situations. The feedback is directional and designed to be perceived in parallel to information from other senses, such as vision, hence they do not distract, but only add information.

Rick van Schie

  • Rick van Schie

    Rick van Schie

    Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

    I am an Industrial Designer mostly interested in innovating and supporting users in using technology. My inspiration for design often stems from personal experiences, of which motorcycling is one. Hence the start of my journey to design for an improved motorcycling safety from both my own, as well as other motorcyclists’ perspectives. I see design as “the glue” between users, business and technology, which is why I am competent in technological, business, and user/psychological domains. All of these were considered in the design of InForm, although the user was prioritized. more

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