Biodegradable rainproof garments from corn husk waste, reducing pollution in rural communities

Informaize marries two environmental issues in one. The disposal of waste corn husks in China is a growing problem for rural communities, both ecologically and financially. Historically it was woven into raincoats and hats for agricultural workers; it has naturally high water repelling properties. Nowadays, with the availability of cheap plastic, singe-use ponchos are being used. Drawing inspiration from the past, Informaize proposes combining waste husks with other biodegradable and sustainable materials such as waste paper pulp to develop a coat that eliminates the need for single-use plastic raincoats, at the same time as minimising corn husk waste.

Yu Chen

  • Yu Chen
    Central Saint Martins (UAL)

    I am a material designer who studies the symbiosis between people and nature. In my professional study, I have been trying to solve existing environmental problems and humanistic problems in innovative ways with combined and future significance. My research focuses on materials such as edible tableware and waste re-creation.more


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