Innovative acoustic panel for noise reduction

Noise pollution is becoming an increasing problem in public spaces and the home, and leads to increased stress levels.

An intelligent panel that responds to sound by changing shape or position. iQuell requires no motor but is based on springs which change shape in response to electrical signals triggered by sound. A torsion spring returns the structure to its original state when the noise has receded. With the help of motion detection, the system can also follow a user’s movement and be used to regulate sound where needed.

Istvan Keszei

  • Istvan Keszei

    Istvan Keszei

    Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

    My name is István Keszei. I graduated from MOME in 2005. Since 2006 I have been involved in the work of the university as a teaching assistant and then as a university lecturer. I have always been interested in innovation, and I have prepared a course on innovative materials and technologies, which I still teach today. I also teach design courses. As my Doctoral (DLA) topic, I developed a searchlight for rescue teams, with the aim of reducing mental workload while making the search more effective. In 2021, I obtained my Doctoral degree and since then I have been teaching as an adjunct professor. I am always looking for new innovation and with my active acoustic panel concept, my goal was to provide a solution to the problem caused by the ever increasing noise pollution. more


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