Jeevika: The human face of Climigration


Helping vulnerable communities get ready for climate migration

Jeevika is designed to equip communities vulnerable to climate change in Bangladesh with information through the introduction of a climate conscious infrastructure. An experiential tool, with emphasis on visual interaction for a rural and a diversely literate population, it enables the exploration of livelihood options and provides access to resources, organisations, kinship network and information that is essential for this largely environmentally driven economy. This project is an attempt to reinforce the distribution of agency to communities at the grassroots level by empowering them to navigate the impacts of climate change, preventing hasty decisions to migrate towards precarious environments.

Nupur Gurjar

  • Nupur Gurjar
    Harvard University

    I am a designer and systems thinker driven by a passion for exploration at the intersection of culture, community and humanitarian response. I graduated with a Masters in Design Engineering from Harvard University, Cambridge, USA in 2021 and focused on understanding the anthropogenic impacts of climate change that led to designing a scalable solution for the climate vulnerable. After graduation, I have begun working as a Design strategist with a mindset that design is a powerful medium to solve social issues with a holistic understanding of the interconnections sparked by the issue and the people affected by it. more


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