Software to protect devices from cyber attack

Traditional computer security is not adequate in the embedded systems of small devices, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

This software suite acts as a first line of defence against cyber attacks. Its modular design and automatic configuration make it easily deployable on any small device. Paladino does not require any security expertise or technical knowledge to be used, making it a perfect security solution for companies not able to invest in a security department.


  • Michele Grisafi

    Michele Grisafi

    University of Trento

    I am a PhD student at UniTN, in Italy, and I am working on Cybersecurity. Currently, my research focuses on System and IoT security, building technologies to protect the many embedded devices surrounding us. I am also the CEO of Security Embedded, a startup that promotes security in the Operation Technology field and Industry 4.0. I have a strong passion for the Cybersecurity world and for the research, and I look forward to bring some of my ideas to the market. more

  • Luca Degani

    Luca Degani

    University of Trento

    Luca Degani is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Trento, Italy, where he is working on IoT systems security. He received his master’s degree with a thesis on evaluation metrics of bare-metal IoT firmware fuzzing. Other research interests include vulnerability detection and software testing. more



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