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A career platform helping business access a more diverse pool of talent

Pizi is a connected career solution, focusing on a smart application submission process for college students. Career-related data will be entered once and can be transferred and customised an unlimited number of times, meaning that applicants are not limited to one single source of jobs. Pizi offers a quick and easy system allowing students to customise and transfer relevant data for multiple jobs efficiently, by synchronising existing job postings on various external platforms with a user-friendly submission process. Companies who hire through Pizi could benefit from a more diverse pool of applicants as well as faster turnaround times.

Patricia Parnet

  • Patricia Parnet

    Patricia Parnet

    Parsons School of Design

    I’m a user-obsessed Experience Designer, who loves to create smart and sustainable solutions for complex problems at the intersection of design and technology. Trained at the Parsons School of Design in New York, I enjoy working on data-rich projects by rethinking abstract processes through the eyes of the user. Thanks to my international work experience, I’m always interested in breaking existing boundaries with collaborative creativity in order to change the world for the better. In a nutshell: I create visions and bring them to life.more

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